This year’s final batch of merchandise is on its way to the shop soon. This collection includes a new long-sleeve tee, a fresh supply of pack hats in several new colors, and a variety of stickers. Learn more and see a few teaser photos of what’s to come in our fall 2023 release here…

We’re excited to release the next edition of our Artist Series T-shirts shortly. By extension of our Rider’s Lens features, we regularly engage artists/riders to create graphics in their unique style to be printed on a limited edition T-shirt. Each artist is to come up with their own visual interpretation “Pedal Further,” the tagline of The Bikepacking Journal and this platform. This amazing new graphic was made by Felix Rosales (@cursegift) from the Philippines. We love Felix’s work and are excited to have this new shirt in our collection. The 100% cotton long-sleeve has a three-color front print and a sleeve print.

Bikepacking Fall Merchandise
  • 2023 Fall Bikepacking Merchandise
  • 2023 Fall Bikepacking Merchandise

We also have a re-up of some of the more popular merchandise, including our pack hats—new hat reveal soon, too—as well as patches, stickers, and more. Additionally, we’ll have some older merchandise that we rounded up and put on sale. Stay tuned for details. Bikepacking Collective members: watch your email inbox over the next week or two. We’ll send out an early notification about this sale and a 20% discount code.

  • 2023 Fall Bikepacking Merchandise
  • Pedal Further Snake Sticker, Bikepacking Summer Merchandise
  • ATB Stickers
  • bikepacking stickers
  • Steel is Surreal Stickers
Bikepacking Collective


This collection will go on sale within the next week. We’ll be announcing both drops to our members exclusively at first, as stock is limited. We expect much of it to sell out before reaching the public. Everything we do here at is supported by the Bikepacking Collective, and we offer our members first dibs on merchandise and 20% off.

Members, stay tuned for an email announcement soon. If you’re interested in joining the Bikepacking Collective to help sustain this independent platform, help build world-class bikepacking routes, and grow this resource and our community, plus get perks such as The Bikepacking Journal in the mail twice a year, discounts on dozens of bike/outdoor brands, eligibility for regular Collective Reward giveaways, and first priority on merchandise, click here.



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