To help de-stigmatize and shed some light on the subject of female hygiene while bikepacking, Belén Castelló put together this wide-ranging 25-minute video that shares her perspective on several topics. She covers showering, skincare, periods, and much more. Watch it here…

Words and video by Belén Castelló, photos by Belén Castelló and Tristan Bogaard

It wasn’t until recently that I became aware of the lack of information around the concept of personal female hygiene and bikepacking. I’ve often been approached by other women with different questions about the subject, which made me realize that this matter may not come as easy to everyone, and that actually, there’s no distinctive guidance out there to help out.

With this video, I share my knowledge and experience, hoping it will help you and others out there to understand what female hygiene on a bike looks like. There’s no universal solution for everyone, but perhaps you’ll find good tips and advice to integrate into your future travels.

Female Hygiene on a Bike
  • Female Hygiene on a Bike
  • Female Hygiene on a Bike
  • Female Hygiene on a Bike

No woman should be stopped from following a dream because of insecurities related to this subject. The more we share about our experiences, the lesser the barriers.

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