With the release of their new Diamond Bag, Berlin’s Gramm Tourpacking took it upon themselves to reimagine the classic rando bag from the ground up. The result is a state-of-the-art design that blends high-end functionality with an understated, versatile style. Check it out here…

At the kolektif Bike Fair over the weekend, Berlin-based Gramm Tourpacking (@gramm_tourpacking) revealed their sleek new Diamond Bag, which stands as a radical reimagination of the boxy rando bag we know and love. Innovating on every aspect of the classic design, from the shape, to the bag closure, to the mounting, to the materials used, it seems the women at Gramm have left no stone unturned in developing a truly state-of-the-art bag that is equally at home on a steel randonneuring rig as on a carbon gravel race bike.

Gramm Diamond Bag

The first thing you’ll notice about the Diamond Bag is its striking angular shape. Like an actual diamond, every facet of the bag is angled with precision and purpose. The wedge shape not only looks damn good, but it also perfectly matches the footprint of the Allygn Diamond Rack while increasing the side clearance for improved shifting. The top slopes up toward the back to increase the carrying capacity and places the opening at a more ergonomic angle. Even the back panel angles forward ever so slightly to open up a gap between the bag and the bars, allowing the tops to be gripped comfortably.

  • Gramm Diamond Bag
  • Gramm Diamond Bag

Combining the ease of use of a flip-top with the waterproofness of a roll-closure, the clever folding lid latches easily and securely with two Fidlock magnetic hooks. Despite its sleek lines, the bag holds a respectable 7.5 liters, which can be expanded slightly thanks to the fold-top. The Diamond Bag straps into place via velcro, and while designed for the Allygn Diamond Rack, Gramm’s custom order process means it also pairs with the Nitto M13/M18 and the Velo Orange’s front racks. The rigid structure and burly tombstone strap eliminate the need for a decaleur and all the faffing it can entail.

  • Gramm Diamond Bag
  • Gramm Diamond Bag
  • Gramm Diamond Bag
  • kolektif Bike Fair 2022
  • Gramm Diamond Bag

The bag we looked at was built, appropriately, from ultralight Dyneema to go with the featherweight Fern Ultra Rando it sat atop. Gramm also had a bag at the show built with the new sustainable TEC RC X-Pac material made 100% from recycled PET bottles, which we liked for its softer feel—a nice subtle nod to the classic choice of waxed canvas.

The Diamond Bag is priced at €249 ($275) and is available now in custom colors at Gramm-Tourpacking.com. For more highlights from Kolektif, find yesterday’s feature story in the related posts grid below. And stay tuned for more about this innovative Berlin-made bag, as we’re hoping to get one in for a long-term review.

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