Handsome Cycles just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the XOXO, their tribute to the legendary Bridgestone X0-1. Read on for details, photos, and a link to the campaign, which was fully funded after just four days…

First released back in 2011, the Handsome Cycles XOXO is the Minneapolis-based brand’s tribute to the legendary 26″-wheeled Bridgestone XO-1, designed by Grant Peterson in the early 90s. As Handsome puts it, “The X0-1 was designed to break barriers. It was the first all-rounder, comfortable on paved trails, fire roads, and mountain trails. Besides the obvious mix of road friendly mountain bike geometry, the X0-1 sported a new handlebar that would be as polarizing as the bike itself… A lot of people at the time just did not get it.”

The XOXO disappeared from the Handsome lineup after they sold through the initial run, but they’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new batch of XOXO frames and completes, this time in three different colors (Pearl Tusk, Purple Metallic, and Construction Pumpkin) and four sizes (49, 53, 56, 60). The campaign is already fully funded with 30 days to go, and the folks at Handsome say this is really the last time the XOXO will be available.

Handsome Cycles XOXO

Framesets are $699 (if you’re reading this, you’re too late for the early bird $450 framesets!) and completes are priced at $1,349 or $1,499, depending on build spec. They’re also offering discounted multi-packs, including five-packs of framesets and four-packs of completes.

You can find complete details and specifications over on Kickstarter.