In our latest YouTube video, Neil chats with PACT Outdoors Founder Noah Schum about the best practices for properly pooping outside while bikepacking in a way that minimizes impacts on our environment. Watch it here…

How do you properly poop outside on a bikepacking trip? And when should you pack it out versus burying it in a cat hole? In our latest video, Neil sits down for a chat with PACT Outdoors Founder Noah Schum to get the details on best practices for doing so. They talk through Noah’s story of getting started in this space, go through the PACT Outdoors kit (which uses some unique technology to help break down bacteria that endangers our backcountry), share some tips for pooping outside in a way that minimizes impacts on the environment, talk through the situations in which you should pack out your waste, and more. Watch the full 13-minute video below:

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