8 Tips For Your First Bikepacking Overnighter

Looking to take your first bikepacking overnighter this spring? In our latest video Neil walks through several tips that will help steer you toward a successful first bike camping experience…

We know gearing up for your first bikepacking overnighter can feel overwhelming. So, in this video, Neil shares some simple tips to help make your planning experience more enjoyable. He touches on packing and sleeping techniques, eating and hydration choices, route logistics, and much more…

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Fill in the Map

We’ve added tons of great overnighters since we launched the Local Overnighter Project at the end of 2019. But we still need your help and local expertise. If you have a great route that you’d like to share and put on the map, get in touch—you can find the submission form underneath our map of published overnighter routes here.

Local Overnighters Map

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