In the latest episode of the Loam And Gravel Society video series, two world tourers attempt to race Rebecca’s Private Idaho without any training, having never ridden an organized ride before. Find the video and a bonus interview with Dr. Meg Fisher here…

Episode 5 (and 5.5) picks up in Ketchum, Idaho, where our friend Karl Kroll—who you can learn more about in this Rider and Rig—and partner Rachael head to Rebecca’s Private Idaho to race “The Queen of Pain.”

This is Karl and Rachael’s first organized race, and it’s a big one. Designed by ultra-endurance legend Rebecca Rusch, the three-day stage race features a 196-mile route that crosses beautiful streams, hot springs, sagebrush valleys, and towering spires of rock as it racks up 12,646 feet of elevation gain. The race provides an insider’s experience of what riding Rebecca’s backyard feels like and ranges from singletrack to endless gravel roads. Watch below to find out whether Rachael and Karl got the best of Idaho or Idaho got the best of them.

  • Loam and Gravel Society Episode 5, Rebeccas Private Idaho
  • Loam and Gravel Society Episode 5, Rebeccas Private Idaho
Loam and Gravel Society Episode 5, Rebeccas Private Idaho

Day two of Rebecca’s Private Idaho starts with a 20-mile neutral ride to an uphill individual time trial. On the way out to the start, Karl joined Dr. Meg Fisher for an interview while they rode together. Dr. Fisher is an accomplished Olympian, a doctor of physical therapy, trainer, and coach who is passionate about off-road cycling. This Montana-based athlete helped Rebecca establish the Para-Athlete category for this race and has advocated for the establishment of the category at other gravel events around the country.

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