The new Voile Rack Strap is designed to snap-fit onto the most common bikepacking racks and cargo systems and it looks just as useful as the original Voile Strap. Learn more here…

Voile Straps are undoubtedly one of the most popular bikepacking accessories on the market. They’re infinitely useful for securing handlebar bags to bars, firewood to rear racks… and even bark to feet when you forget your camp shoes at home. We’re excited to share an entirely new strap design from Voile that’s designed to work well with racks and cargo systems for added bikepacking utility.

Three years in the making, the Voile Rack Strap features one anchor hook and a floating adjustable hook, both optimized for the 10mm tubing that’s common to most bikepacking racks, baskets, and cargo systems. The Rack Strap is made from the same tough UV-Resistant Polyurethane as the original Voile Strap, making it non-marring, non-conductive, anti-slip, super strong, and able to hold tight in all types of weather. As Voile puts it, it’s “like an adjustable bungee cord, but infinitely better.”

  • Voile Rack Strap
  • Voile Rack Strap

For now the Voile Rack Strap comes in three sizes: 20″, 25″ and 32″, is only available in orange, and is made in Utah. They retail for $17, $17.50, and $18 USD, respectively.

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