Our friends at Outdoor Provisions in the UK just launched their second trailside snack: two flavours of all-natural energy nut butters that look pretty delicious and come in compostable packaging. Learn more here…

UK-based Outdoor Provisions launched their first energy bars back in 2019, at which point we were happy to see real ingredients and compostable packaging as two of their top priorities. They’ve just expanded their product line to include nut butters for an even more portable, nutrient dense, and easy-to-digest option while out on the trail. Currently, they have two flavour to choose from: Coffee, Almond & Cashew; and Almond, Date & Sea Salt. Each flavour has no refined sugars and is vegan, providing slow-release energy and around 180 calories per pouch.

They also developed a unique packaging solution for which they needed to purchase their own packaging equipment. The wrapper is the same as the one they use for their bars (cellulose and a tiny layer of aluminium) with an added compostable plastic sealing layer. This particular ‘plastic’ behaves like regular organic waste and is certified-free from microplastic pollutants. It’s developed with a focus on end-of-life return to organic matter and the ability to compost at home and industrially. Just stick it in your compost heap, food waste, or garden waste bin.

  • Outdoor Provisions Nut Butter
  • Outdoor Provisions Nut Butter


  • Coffee, Almond & Cashew: Almonds, cashew nuts, coconut oil, coffee, vanilla powder, sea salt.
  • Almond, Date & Sea Salt: Almonds, dates, coconut oil, sea salt.

A 10-pack costs £15 (~$20 USD) and is available in both flavours. They also offer a 10-pack mixed box for the same price. Outdoor Provisions has a subscription service for the full-time snacker, which saves you 5% and can be delivered as often as every week or as infrequently as every six months. They are being made in small batches and the next run should be ready tomorrow. Learn more at OutdoorProvisions.co.uk.

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