PAUL Component has released its new Chim-Chim bar-ends with an ergonomic grip and a secret stash compartment…

Ever been on a multi-day, multi-hour ride and found yourself palming the end of your handlebar? According to Chico, CA-based PAUL Component, your hands were looking for Chim-Chims. Ergonomic bar-ends offer another hand position and way to relieve numbness and nerve pinching on those all-day rides by allowing you to rotate and angle your wrist into different positions.

PAUL Chim-Chim Bar-ends
  • PAUL Chim-Chim Bar-ends
  • PAUL Chim-Chim Bar-ends

Even more interesting for us bikepackers, there’s also a secret stash compartment built into each Chim-Chim. Store that lip-balm you always wish you brought, extra cleat bolts, chain masterlinks, tire plugs, patches, or fresh herbs for seasoning your camp meal…

  • Weight 224g Pair
  • Material American 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish Black or Silver Anodized, Polished
  • Bar Clamp Diameter 22.2mm (7/8″)
  • Length 118mm end to end
  • Place of Manufacture Chico, CA
  • Price $108

Why did Paul name these bar-ends after the monkey in Speedracer? You’ll have to ask him! Find more info over at



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