Evidently a slip of a Surly finger led to a new and interesting “Pickled Beet” Krampus. They call it a happy accident. We call it redemption…

I’ve loved the glittery green “Moonlit Swamp” Krampus since day one. It’s a kind of a legacy in the bikepacking world. Mine will probably have an indefinite spot in the stable (recentish photo below). To be honest, I was slightly bummed when they nixed that unique paint job in favor of standard red or black. But Surly’s gotta do what Surly’s gotta do. Today they redeemed themselves a little with the new “Pickled Beet” Krampus. It’s totally different, and perhaps a perfect compliment on the color wheel to Moonlit Swamp… but pretty cool.

Pickled Beet Krampus

Apparently Pickled Beet was a happy accident, according to the Surly blog post, “… it’s not the color you (or even we) were expecting, it’s a totally badass color all its own.” In classic Surliness, “… when ordering this batch of Krampi, we had what you might call a slip of the fingie and entered a wrong number or two in the paint code. Since it’s a pretty rad color and we like the way it looks, we’re just gonna roll with it.”

The Pickled Beet Krampus is in stock and available now as both a complete bike or a frameset. You can nab one from your local bike shop. The complete model is still the same spec as Andy’s Apple Red one.

Surly Krampus
Good ole Moonlit Swamp…



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