Just announced, PNW Components’ new extra-wide, MTB-inspired Coast Drop Bar and Stem are designed for off-pavement riding by addressing issues related to comfort and control. Find all the details, including PNW’s launch video, here…

Posted by Miles Arbour

PNW Components describes their new Coast Drop Bar and Stem as “not your average road bike handlebars”. Their team took body geometry and mountain biking theory to address pain points and discomfort they have experienced while riding gravel bikes. This starts with a wider bar with generous flare, adding control and stability to your gravel bike setup. The new bar is constructed from 6061 alloy for its weight, snappiness, and ability to soak up vibrations. Find specs on the Coast Drop Bar below.

  • PNW Components Coast Drop Bar
  • PNW Components Coast Drop Bar
  • PNW Components Coast Drop Bar
  • Drop: 105mm
  • Reach: 65mm
  • Flare: 20°
  • Widths (Hood to Hood): 480mm, 520mm
  • Widths (end to end): 564mm, 604mm

The new Coast Stem was designed in conjunction with the bar, offered in lengths from 60 to 100mm to help dial in a more comfortable fit with the wider bar. The stem also includes a detachable mount that can be used with certain action cameras and a variety of lights. The Coast Stem has a 7° rise and standard 31.8mm clamp. PNW suggests that for every 20mm wider your bar is, your stem should be 10mm shorter – when compared to your current drop bar setup.

The Coast Drop Bar and Stem both retail for $69.00 USD and are available now from PNWComponents.com.

  • PNW Components Coast Stem
  • PNW Components Coast Stem

The new Coast Drop Bar and Stem join PNW’s Coast Suspension Dropper Post, which provides 40mm of tuneable air suspension alongside 100 or 120mm of drop – learn more about that here.