Designed with its entire life cycle in mind, the all-new POC Myelin helmet is made from 50% recycled materials and features an innovative glue-free construction that allows it to be easily broken down into its individual elements for recycling. Learn more here…

POC’s latest helmet, the Myelin, was conceived to prioritize sustainability and features a 50% recycled material construction and a unique design that allows for straightforward recycling at the end of its life. The Myelin’s modular, glue-free design makes separating it into its constituent parts easy, and its individual elements are secured together using strategically placed fasteners that can be removed with basic household tools. As POC puts it, “The principle is to have the highest level of safety and protection whilst looking to minimize as much of the negative impact as possible.”

  • POC Myelin Helmet
  • POC Myelin Helmet
  • POC Myelin Helmet

Although the POC Myelin’s styling would suggest it’s aimed more at commuter cyclists, we love to see this approach to construction and life cycle consideration and hope it becomes more widely adopted across the industry, especially for products like helmets that are meant to be replaced every few years. To this end, POC says the Myelin is simply a step in the right direction, and they have plans to transfer as much of the research, testing, and underlying ethos of the Myelin to their other products as possible.

The Myelin weighs 340 grams (size medium) and features a lightweight EPS liner for added protection and a simple baseball cap-inspired snap adjustment system that allows for fine-tuning of the helmet’s fit. It’s available in several colors, three sizes, and is priced at $100.

You can find additional details about the Myelin at



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