This Saturday, Courtney Williams is moderating a discussion and review of the cycling industry’s response to the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. Has there been meaningful change? What will carry forward into 2021? Learn more about the online event here…

Event Description

From EventBrite: Join industry pros, advocates, competitors, publishers and activists in a review of the response of the commodified influencers of cycling culture (bike & clothing brands, publications, event organizers…) to call for expedient acts of racial justice & equity that was heightened by the summer-long civil unrest of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. Did they make meaningful changes during 2020 that will ensure equity for BIPoC into the future, exploit the moment, or do nothing at all? Panelists will share which initiatives and actions they believe can carry forward the momentum of 2020 and advance inclusion and anti-racism if more widely adopted in the cycling sphere in 2021.

Date and Time

The discussion will take place live from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, December 12th.

Guests include

  • Marzhel Salvador Pinto Mojarro ( He/Him/El )—Professional Race Mechanic, Owner/Operator of FSA Neutral Race Support, Retail Shop Manager
  • Eric Arce (He/Him)—Photographer, Co-founder of Pedal to the People
  • Elyse Bejasa (She/Her)—WTF Bikexplorers Gravel Team
  • Christina Torres (She/Her/Ella)—Zinester of Cyclista Zine. Advocate for Indigenous representations in the outdoors. “Name the Change” coalition organizer

How to attend

Registration via EventBrite allows participants to submit questions to the moderator, but spaces are limited, so if you’re interested in just listening, the entire event will be live streamed on YouTube. The livestream link will be published in Courtney Williams / The Brown Bike Girl’s Instagram bio (@thebrownbikegirl) on Saturday.

Make a donation

Please consider making a donation to assist compensate the panelists for their time, expertise, and emotional labor by Venmo’ing the event producer @MARZHEL-PINTO. Your donation will be distributed evenly between the guest panelists.

The EventBrite page can be found here, or head over to The Brown Bike Girl on Instagram for all updates.



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