The all-new Rene Herse Manastash Ridge tires fill the 700 x 44mm sweet spot in the brand’s growing line-up, bridging the gap between gravel and adventure tires. Find more details about the Manastash Ridge tires here…

The latest tire from Rene Herse Cycles comes as a response to countless customer requests for a tire to fill the perceived gap in their line-up, which didn’t have any offerings between 42mm, considered a standard gravel tire size by many these days, and 48mm, which most bikes designed for gravel can’t clear. That’s where the new 700 x 44mm Rene Herse Manastash Ridge comes in, rounding out the goldilocks position and bringing the technology featured in Rene Herse’s 29″ x 2.2″ Fleecer Ridge to a smaller format.

Rene Herse Manastash Ridge tires

We gave the Tour Divide-winning Fleecer Ridge tires the award for “Best New Component” in our 2020 Bikepacking Gear of the Year Awards for being extraordinarily fast-rolling, surprisingly durable with the Endurance casing, and remarkably quiet compared to similar tires. The Manastash Ridge tires feature the same dual-purpose, noise-canceling, flex-free knobby tread seen in the Fleecer Ridges, and they also boast Rene Herse’s new Brake Support technology, which they claim optimizes knob shapes and distribution to withstand the huge G-forces of hydraulic discs.

  • Rene Herse Manastash Ridge tires
  • Rene Herse Manastash Ridge tires

The Rene Herse Manastash Ridge tires are tubeless compatible and made in Japan. Weights range from 465 to 545 grams per tire, depending on the casing. They’re currently available in Endurance and Endurance Plus casings, which are priced at $92 and $98 per tire, respectively. By the end of the month, they will also have stock of the Standard and Extralight versions, which come in at $78 and $92.

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