RideWithGPS recently released a new video series called Ride Buddies, which presents conversations between interesting, knowledgeable, and entertaining personalities in cycling. The first episode features Jenny Graham and James Hayden. Watch it here…

In the first episode of Ride Buddies, a new chat series from mapping company RideWithGPS, ultra-endurance athletes Jenny Graham and James Mark Hayden catch up and cover a lot of ground: from Jenny’s world record as the fastest female to cycle unsupported around the world to James’ impressive ultra-endurance finishes. They talk about what it’s like to ride through the night to see the next day’s sunrise and discuss their different approaches to doing what is ultimately the same thing (going really fast on really, really long bike rides). All the while the two crack countless jokes and laugh as they reflect on the life lessons they’ve learned on a bike. Watch it below.

If you’d prefer to simply listed to their conversation, it’s available in Podcast format, too:

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