Bikepacking Tour du Mont Blanc (Film)

Bikepacking Tour du Mont Blanc is a self-shot short film by James Hayden that documents his experience riding one of the most spectacular alpine singletrack bikepacking routes in Europe. Watch it here…

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The Tour du Mont Blanc is a 108-mile singletrack-heavy bikepacking route circling the massif of Mont Blanc in Europe, crossing into Italy, France, and Switzerland along the way. Being only a short drive away, James Hayden set out to ride the route solo before winter, documenting his experience with a Mavic Air 2 drone and GoPro 8. Watch his short film, Bikepacking Tour du Mont Blanc, below.

  • Mont Blanc James Hayden
  • Mont Blanc James Hayden
Mont Blanc James Hayden

“ rated the route a 9/10 for difficulty and promised lots of singletrack, and it delivered. With technical turns, loose rocky surfaces and fast sections, it had a bit of everything. The climbs were tough, with some good pushes, but nearly every descent made them worthwhile. And whenever the descent lacked, the views were breathtaking. This was one of my favourite routes.” —James Hayden

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