In the latest episode of Ride Buddies, pro gravel cyclist Ted King and bikepacking professor Joe Cruz sit down for a chat in Ted’s Vermont living room. Listen to or watch their wide-ranging conversation here…

Other than both of them being Vermonters, it might not seem that a former World Tour road cycling pro and an expedition bikepacking philosophy professor have much in common. However, the two volunteered to record an episode of Ride With GPS’ Ride Buddies in person, and Joe drove 2.5 hours north to meet Ted in his home. And, as many readers might remember, Joe essentially crafted the 310-mile VTXL bikepacking route for Ted to ride as a local substitute to the 2020 DKXL (now known as Unbound Gravel). Joe wrote about that at the time, which you can find linked in the related content grid below.

From Ride With GPS: “With that unique collaboration as a backdrop to their meeting, the two discuss a wide range of topics in this episode, covering everything from the type of riding they’re both inspired by these days, to being early adopters of social media as a tool for transparency and building community; they touch on Lael Wilcox’s recent Arizona Trail FKT attempt and some of the controversy surrounding what it means to be “self-supported”; they discuss the value of rides that leave you so tired and hungry that they cause the constructs of daily life to fade away; and ultimately, they share the notion that people are fundamentally good and want to take care of each other, which seems to be especially true in the congruent worlds of gravel cycling and bikepacking.” Watch the episode below:

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