GCN recently debuted a documentary about the Rough-Stuff Fellowship called “The Pioneers.” The film digs into their historic expeditions to Iceland and Everest and interviews original members of the group. Watch the trailer and learn how to see the full film here…

Endurance cyclist Jonathan Shubert narrates a new GCN+ documentary that follows the world’s oldest off-road cycling club. Inspired by his grandfather’s cycling adventure stories, Jonathan digs into The Rough-Stuff Fellowship and interviews original members of the club about their historic expeditions to Iceland and Everest base camp. The film blends animations using RSF’s incredible photo archive, with a few off-road rides Jonathan takes on to learn what rough stuff trips are all about. Watch the trailer below, and find the full documentary over on GCN+.

“It’s not about an individual feat, it’s about getting together all your mates.”

  • Rough Stuff Iceland, Ron Bartle
  • The Bikepacking Journal 02
Left: from the RSF archive and The Further Away, The Better film (linked below); Right: from our story about the RSF in The Bikepacking Journal 02

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