In celebration of their 15-year anniversary, Ride With GPS is offering their full route planning tool free for anyone to use for one day. Learn more and see a graph showing the evolution of this powerful platform here…

The Ride With GPS Route Planner launched on November 14th, 2007, enabling users to plan, share, and navigate their own routes like nothing else available at the time. The platform has seen countless improvements and enhanced functionality during the years since then to make it what it is today.

Ride With GPS Route Panner

To celebrate this 15-year milestone, Ride with GPS unlocked their Route Planner’s entire suite of Premium-level planning tools for anyone to use, all day today (November 14th)! That means advanced planning and editing features, the Global Heatmap, Points of Interest, and more will be available for anyone to experience for free. So, if you have a route in the works and want to add a few POIs or try some of their other features, head over to and give it a whirl. Additionally, Ride with GPS will be dropping feature-driven trivia questions on their Instagram feed and giving away Premium yearly subscriptions all month long.




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