North Carolina-based bag maker Rockgeist just announced an exciting partnership with ALUULA Composites out of British Columbia, bringing an ultralight, waterproof option to their line of welded bikepacking bags. Check them out here…

Rockgeist just announced an exciting partnership with ALUULA Composites in British Columbia, Canada, and they’re kicking things off with a reboot of some of their most popular bags, now made from a ultralight, and 100% waterproof ALUULA fabric. Like Dyneema and other ultralight technical fabrics, ALUULA Composites comes from the technical sail fabric world and has slowly been trickling into the outdoor gear realm. In fact, Durston has a hiking pack made from their fabrics, but as far as we know, Rockgeist will be the first company to offer readymade bikepacking bags.

Rockgeist ALUULA

ALUULA fabric is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (Ultra-PE). This advanced polymer is most commonly known from its use in Dyneema fabrics. ALUULA has set itself apart by developing an innovative way to bond Ultra-PE fibers directly to Ultra-PE films. This creates a light, strong, durable fabric that’s unlike anything on the market. A distinct advantage of ALUULA is that it’s weldable while maintaining the high abrasion resistance and ultralight weight that Ultra-PE is known for. This allows Rockgeist to expand their Ultra-PE offerings to include their welded line of bikepacking bags. Their fabrics are also 100% recyclable, using a patent-pending fusion process that omits the use of glues.

  • Rockgeist ALUULA
  • Rockgeist ALUULA

Rockgeist is commencing the partnership with ALUULA versions of all their current welded, waterproof bags, but it won’t replace their standard fabric. Their Microwave Panniers and the BarJam Harness system will be available as of January 1st. Bags will be made from ALUULA Durlyte, their most durable offerings, which boasts “extraordinary abrasion and puncture resistance,” according to Rockgeist founder Greg Hardy.

The end result are bags that are 15-20% more expensive and 30-40% lighter compared to the standard fabric option. Head over to to learn more.

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