If Light Black and Coyote Sunrise weren’t doing it for you, North Carolina bag maker Rockgeist just added a new Cranberry Bog fabric option to their line of welded and waterproof bikepacking bags. Check it out here…

For folks who don’t know, Rockgeist acquired Canada’s Porcelain Rocket back in 2020 and has continued to produce and sell their line of innovative welded, waterproof bikepacking bags ever since. We can thank the Porcelain Rocket team for several major bag innovations, including the first stabilized seat pack and the first 100% waterproof frame bag, and we’re happy to see these products live on under the Rockgeist name.

Rockgeist cranberry bog
  • Rockgeist cranberry bog
  • Rockgeist cranberry bog

All of their waterproof bags are made from a unique weldable fabric that was only available in their Light Black color up until 2021. That summer, Rockgeist added the popular Coyote Sunrise fabric to the lineup, but the latest addition to their welded bag collection is bolder than ever. It’s called Cranberry Bog or Bog for short. As of today, Rockgeist has Cranberry Bog versions of their Microwave Panniers, Horton Front Pouch, Big and Small Dumpling Hip Packs, and Nigel Front Bag.

Rockgeist cranberry bog

From Rockgeist: “This red complements our environment in Western North Carolina. It creates a gorgeous palette with the hundreds of greens and browns of Pisgah (Bog will surely shine here in autumn!), and it will also look beautiful with the reddish yellows of the desert as a backdrop. Different light brings out a wide variety of hues in Cranberry Bog. At golden hour, the warm light of the waning sun mutes the purple tones, and the red and brown glow strongly and the bags resemble a deep red ochre. Soft morning light makes it appear more burgundy. I am thrilled with how it turned out, and I hope some other people like it at least half as much as I do. I like it so much I spent my weekend making this video (and a fishing pole) to announce it to the world! And a relevant aside: we recently changed the back plastic on our Microwave Panniers from white to a snazzy black, and the Cranberry Bog + Black is a match made in heaven.”

Find all of Rockgeist’s welded, waterproof bags at Rockgeist.com.

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