The new Rockgeist Loop Bar Harness is a simple drybag harness designed specifically for Jones H-Bars and Surly Moloko Bars. Find photos and more details here…

Although swept back handlebars are considered comfortable for long rides, and incredibly popular for bikepacking, they’re often trickier to mount handlebar bags onto, depending on their design. Fortunately, there are a few options out there. Rockgeist already released a Jones Bar specific handlebar bag last year. And today, they released the new Loop Bar Harness, which appears to be a much more minimal design.

Rockgeist Loop Bar Harness
  • Rockgeist Loop Bar Harness
  • Rockgeist Loop Bar Harness
  • Rockgeist Loop Bar Harness

The new Rockgeist Loop Bar Harness is essentially a variation of their Barjam Harness with modifications to be compatible with the Jones H-Bar (flat and riser versions) and the Surly Moloko bar. It’s made from VX45 X-Pac with webbing strap guides to keep the included Voilé straps in place; and, when unbuckled, they remain attached to the harness for easier removal. The harness is affixed to the bar with two small velcro tabs and then fully secured with the Voilé straps, which wrap around a drybag and the entire handlebar. Customers have a choice of either 25″ or 32″ Voilé straps for various sized dry bags; the drybag is not included.

The Rockgeist Jones Loop Bar Harness retails for $59.50 (25″ straps) or $64.50 USD (32″ straps) and is available now from



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