Arizona’s Rogue Panda Designs just updated their super capacious Bismarck Bottle Bucket with a new and improved attachment system and exterior pockets on all sides. Check it out here…

Stem bags make a great place to stash water bottles, small cameras, and extra snacks, but for the most part, you have to choose one of the above. That’s where the Rogue Panda Bismarck Bottle Bucket comes in. This unique stem bag incorporates a bottle cage directly inside the bag to provide no-fuss access, and it was just updated with some promising new features.

rogue panda Bismarck

Named after Bismarck Lake, a water source off of the Arizona Trail north of Flagstaff, the Bismarck V2 has been completely redesigned to be more secure and even easier to use. It now features a Voile strap fork crown attachment, it can be mounted on either side of your stem, and they’ve added exterior pockets on all four sizes of the bag. There are three mesh pockets and one large drawstring pocket that can fit a 12oz can for even more hydration storage. It’s easily the highest-capacity stem bag available that we’re aware of.

  • rogue panda Bismarck
  • rogue panda Bismarck
  • Weight: 127 grams (4.5 oz)
  • Place of Manufacture: Arizona, USA
  • Price: $85 USD

The new Rogue Panda Bismarck is in stock now and available at

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