Have you heard of Rubber Lover? This tool is designed to help you find the perfect tires for your bike. Founder Jason Lynch built it to help him decide on ideal tires for his custom rig and has since added sorting functionality, hundreds more tires, and has plans to improve it…

While speccing the new Tempest custom bike featured in last week’s Reader’s Rig, Jason Lynch became obsessed with trying to work out which tires were ideal for that bike… particularly in regards to what the best tire size would be for him personally. In doing so, Jason built a tire database to further assist with that search. The list has been updated quite a bit since and is sortable by width, brand, casing, sidewall color, etc. It looks like another handy tool for all you bike parts research buffs out there so we thought we’d pass it along. Note that Jason is adding new tire manufacturers everyday, along with the ability to submit real-world tire widths, diameters, and other modifications.

Rubberlover.cc Tire Database

Find the full tire database at RubberLover.cc.


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