The 60mm (2.35″) Schwalbe G-One Speed Pro was quietly launched at Eurobike, and Schwalbe claims it’s their fastest-rolling lab-tested tire to date. It looks like it might be a great all-road tire for those looking to get as much cushion as possible without sacrificing rolling resistance. Learn more here…

There are nine different sub-models within Schwalbe’s G-One tire lineup. They range from the plus-sized 27.5 x 2.8″ G-One Allround to narrower gravel tires like the G-One Overland and G-One Bite. The G-One Speed comes in 15 different variations, depending on the size, compound, and construction. Last week at Eurobike, alongside the new Mondial and Rick Pro we covered, Schwalbe had a new model with different rubber compounds on display, the G-One Speed Pro.

Schwalbe G-One Speed 60mm

At 700 x 60mm (29 x 2.35″), the new G-One Speed “Pro” is wide. While that width might seem big for a road tire, or even a gravel tire, it looks like it could make an interesting all-road tire for anyone riding a mix of pavement and smooth gravel roads or paths.

The latest version utilizes Schwalbe’s SuperRace Carcass and AddixRace compound. This is the same technology they use in their Pro One road tire and top end XC MTB tires. With the change in casing and compound, Schwalbe claims the G-One Speed Pro rolls significantly faster with no change to the durability and puncture resistance. Schwalbe said it’s the fastest-rolling tire they’ve ever tested in their lab.

Schwalbe G-One Speed 60mm

The Schwalbe G-One Speed Pro isn’t available on their website yet, so we don’t have many details. However, you can see that the non-Pro model is tubeless ready, weighs 560 grams or 495 grams (depending on the version), and is priced at €64.90 (~$70 USD) at We’ll be sure to post it in our weekly Debrief when the Pro model comes available.

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