Silca’s new 3D-printed Titanium Derailleur Hangers are 12 times as stiff and up to 10 grams lighter than traditional aluminum hangers, but are they worth the extra cost? Check them out here…

Silca has been on a roll with 3D-printed titanium bits and bobs over the last couple of years. Although we might not be the first to fork out $40 on a titanium bottle opener, we’re interested to see this new tech being used regularly in the bike world. Next up for Silca: 3D-printed titanium derailleur hangers.

According to Silca, titanium hangers have increased strength and stiffness over standard aluminum hangers, which in turn can improve shifting performance and durability. “Modern electronic derailleurs shift so fast, and with such force, that conventional hangers made from low grade aluminum plate will flex up to 4 degrees during a shift, resulting in less precise and slower shifting. Using advanced 3D modeling with AI generated structural infill, SILCA 3DP Hangers are 5-7x stiffer than aluminum hangers while also being 2-6 grams lighter, depending on model.”

Silca Titanium Derailleur Hanger Silca Titanium Derailleur Hanger

The hangers can be aligned by hand and are designed with an internal fracture notch that allows the hanger to fracture and bend below the point of damage to eliminate the risk of frame damage under the hardest of impacts. They have SRAM UDH compatible hangers and a full range of other versions designed for popular road/MTB models and brands.

  • Silca Titanium Derailleur Hanger
  • Silca Titanium Derailleur Hanger
Silca Titanium Derailleur Hanger

The Silca Titanium Derailleur hangers cost between $85 and $95 USD and are available now from



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