The new SimWorks John Cage is much more a work of art than a bottle cage, with multiple mounting locations, stainless steel construction, and a gorgeous design. Learn more here…

Words from SimWorks

When a young musician found hunger on his path, he looked to the ground beneath him to carry him onward.

Thus began a life-long quest for fungi and the mirror it shines on the rest of our worlds. That fascination spawned- and cast its spores through the vibrations we hear and the paths we follow.

SimWorks is pleased to offer an exclusive offering of this thoughtful piece of cycling ornament. A graceful blend of utility and understated expression- and a humble reminder that both our forested and steel worlds are intrinsically connected.

  • SimWorks John Cage
  • SimWorks John Cage

Historically, SimWorks has created most of our products in collaboration with, or dependent on the expertise and manufacturing prowess of established domestic factories; but ‘John Cage’ is crafted in-house from the ground up. We are proud of the final product- in both it’s clean but evocative lines and ease of use.

A carefully selected gauge of stainless wire gives just-the-right flexibility, so it wraps the bottle properly and keeps it from jettisoning- even on spirited rides. A comfortable hold makes it easy to remove and replace the bottle. In addition, by spec’ing a full-length attachment plate with 4 mounting holes, the cage can be mounted in a high or low position- adding a thoughtful accommodation for frame packs and more compact main frame triangles.

SimWorks John Cage
  • SimWorks John Cage
  • SimWorks John Cage
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 74 grams
  • Place of Manufacture: Japan
  • Price: $37.50 USD
  • Finish: Black or Shot Blast
  • Manufacturer’s Details: Sim.Works



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