In case you want to see more from Sofiane Sehili (beyond his current Tour Divide efforts), he recently published this video documenting an 18-day gravel bikepacking trip on some of the highest roads in the Colombian Andes. Watch the video and learn more about his route here…

In case you haven’t been following the 2022 Tour Divide, Sofiane Sehili has maintained a lead since day one. His nearly restless 72 hours of pedaling has been impressive so far, punctuated by the occasional Instagram story to entertain his followers with commentary from the saddle. Similarly, in a newly released video from Sofiane’s trip to Colombia a few months ago, there’s plenty of saddle-talk about the ride and route. Plus, editor Fanny Bensussan sourced some pretty good music tracks from the likes of Kyuss and others. Have a watch below, then scroll down for more info on his route.

About the Route

Based on scanning his route collection, it appears Sofiane followed our popular Oh Boyaca! route, part of our recently updated Páramos Conexión, and a few other routes he sourced to stitch together a massive loop. All in all, he racked up 2,168 kilometers and 48,610 meters of climbing over 18 days. For those not quick with maths, that’s about 2,700 meters (8,860 feet) per day! No wonder he’s cruising along on the Tour Divide.

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