Rene Herse got ahold of Sofiane Sehili’s Fleecer Ridge tires that were used to win last year’s 2,666-mile Tour Divide race. See how they fared after this long ride of more than 175 miles per day here…

In our annual Rigs of the Tour Divide last year, we looked at the bikes of 120 riders who embarked on the challenging ride from Canada to the US/Mexico border. In total, 19.6% of the bikes were shod with Rene Herse tires, most of which were the venerable Fleecer Ridge, a tire made expressly for such routes.

Rene Herse-sponsored rider Sofiane Sehili won the race, averaging more than 175 miles (280 kilometers) per day for almost two weeks. For the sake of testing and product development, Rene Herse got the tires from Sofiane and Abe Kaufman (4th place winner) to examine them after all these miles. What did they find? “The first thing that struck us was the good condition of these tires.” Find more in the photos and captions below.

Sofiane Sehili Tour Divide Tires
“Let’s look at Sofiane’s tires. There’s obviously some wear, especially on the rear (above), where the center knobs have worn considerably. Because of the rocky terrain, Sofiane ran a higher tire pressure than you would in a pure gravel race. That concentrated the wear in the center of the tread. Even so, about half the knob height remains. The front tire has less wear, obviously.”
Sofiane Sehili Tour Divide Tires
“Even more impressive is the inside of Sofiane’s tires. Apart from some traces of tubeless sealant, they look as good as new. In fact, Sofiane reports that he had no punctures during the two-week race, and he didn’t need to inflate his tires either. They held their pressure from start to finish. Not having to think about his tires meant Sofiane could focus on the race and even enjoy the scenery.”

Find more at the full blog post about these tires here.

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