A decade since their last update, the new SQlab Innerbarends 2.0 are redesigned with a narrower clamping area and a new shape and were re-engineered to replace the clamp on SQlab’s lock-on grips. Check them out here…

For those who love bikepacking with flat bars, attaching a pair of bar ends is a simple way to add some hand positions to your setup. The SQlab Innerbarends are a particularly popular option because they sit inboard from your grips, unlike traditional bar ends. This allows your elbows to rest against your torso and orient the body slightly more forward. SQlab just announced their first major update in more than 10 years, releasing new Innerbarends 411 2.0 and Innerbarends 410 2.0, both of which look promising for flat-bar bikepackers.

SQLabs Innerbarends 2.0
  • SQLabs Innerbarends 2.0

So, what’s new? Both models feature a new clamp design with a removable spacer, allowing them to replace the clamp on SQlab’s 711 and 7OX grips for a clean integration. The 411 Innerbarends 2.0 adopt the shape of the 411 R Innerbarends Carbon, and the new Innerbarends 410 2.0 adopt the bulbous shape of the previous Innerbarends 411. The shape is more comfort-oriented (O- instead of U-shaped profile) but also a tiny bit heavier. If new hand positions and additional comfort aren’t enough, an internal study from SQlab showed their bar ends can save 14 watts (or a power savings of 5% at a speed of 36 km/h).

SQLabs Innerbarends 2.0

Both models are priced the same at $44.99/pair and are made from fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). You can find them available on the international SQlab website here, and they should be coming to the USA site soon.

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