In our latest YouTube video, Neil chats with Katie and Andrew Strempke about their recent yo-yo of the Colorado Trail. Neil asks all about their experience on the trail, why they decided to do it, and how they had to mentally prepare for such a big endeavor. Watch it here…

Just over a week ago, Katie and Andrew Strempke made Colorado Trail history, becoming the first bikepackers to ride the entire 539-mile route twice, back to back. An accomplishment known as a “yo-yo,” the two completed the impressive feat on singlespeed mountain bikes in just under 17 days. Katie put together a reflection on the experience, including the work she put in before their ride, which you can read here.

And for our latest YouTube video, host Neil Beltchenko sat down to chat with Katie and Andrew about their time on the trail, how they prepared, and why they decided to take on the challenge in the first place. Watch the full interview below:



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