In Will Phelps’ latest video, the Montana bikefishing crew goes over the three completely different bikepacking rigs they used while completing the “Bikefishing Sufferfest.” Whether it’s old or new, any bike will do…

Last week we Dispatched Will Phelps’ video documenting their three-day “Bikefishing Sufferfest” trip in northwest Montana from the summer. This week, Will released a video showcasing the three very different bike setups they used on this trip, ranging from a college commuter to a childhood REI bike. It goes to show that any bike is capable with the right planning. Have a watch here and find Will’s trip video linked in the Related Content grid at the bottom of the post.

“Whether you bike is new or old, it is likely that you can outfit it to go on some grand adventures.”

  • three bikefishing setups
  • three bikefishing setups
three bikefishing setups

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