British unicyclist Ed Pratt’s latest video looks back the three days he spent pedaling on an incredibly remote stretch of road in Kazakhstan, braving extreme weather, rough terrain, and a complete lack of services. Watch it here…

How I Survived Unicycling the World’s Loneliest Road is the latest video from British unicyclist Ed Pratt, who spent three years riding his loaded 36er unicycle around the world. This video documents a three-day stretch of his time in Kazakhstan when he opted to take a questionable 95-mile shortcut along Mukur Road, which he calls the most remote road in the world… or at least the most remote he pedaled during his entire 18,000-mile ride around the planet.

Watch as he battles extreme weather and incredibly rough terrain, all the while trying to manage his dwindling supply of water on this uninhabited stretch of road. After days of pushing and riding his heavily laden unicycle, a chance encounter ultimately makes all this difference in his arriving safely at his destination.

  • Unicycling the World's Loneliest Road
  • Unicycling the World's Loneliest Road
  • Unicycling the World's Loneliest Road

Want to see more from Ed? Check out Ed Cycles the USA, which we first shared back in 2019. You can keep up with Ed on Instagram @mredpratt.



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