In an article just published by New York Times Transit Reporter, Christina Goldbaum, the United States is facing a shortage of bicycles as anxiety over public transportation and a desire to exercise has sent the demand surging. Find out more here…

Posted by Logan Watts

Christina Goldbaum is a transit reporter for The New York Times covering subways, buses, ferries, commuter rails, bicycles, and all the other ways of getting around New York City and the region. According to Christina’s latest article published yesterday in the Times, the United States is on the verge of a bicycle shortage. “In March, nationwide sales of bicycles, equipment and repair services nearly doubled compared with the same period last year, according to the N.P.D. Group, a market research company. Sales of commuter and fitness bikes in the same month increased 66 percent, leisure bikes jumped 121 percent, children’s bikes went up 59 percent and electric bikes rose 85 percent. By the end of April, many stores and distributors had sold out of low-end consumer bikes.” Read the full article over at

I’ve heard a few familiar stories from various industry folks—several bike companies that are essentially out of bikes, delays in overseas production, and other such supply chain impediments that will essentially result in availability issues in the summer and fall. Fortunately, there are usually plenty of used bikes on the market for those looking to buy a new rig. Have you heard specific news or accounts? Leave a comment below.