Crowd-favorite ultra-distance racer Sofiane Sehili has rejoined the Bombtrack Bikes family after a couple of years away, and the German brand just published an entertaining 30-minute video that Sofiane shot on a trip across California and Nevada to pick up a former demo bike. Watch it and find details on his return here…

Sofiane Sehili is a household name in the world of ultra-distance racing, and he’s won the hearts of competitors and dot watchers alike over the years with his positive spirit, unwavering sportsmanship, humor, and propensity to break into song at any given moment while out winning some of the toughest races in the world. The 42-year-old French racer has returned to the Bombtrack Bikes family after two seasons racing with Vitus Bikes, and they’re thrilled to have him back in the fold.

  • Sofiane Sehili
  • Sofiane Sehili

The stars recently aligned, and Bombtrack needed a former Sea Otter demo bike picked up in the US around the same time Sofiane’s girlfriend had to travel to Los Angeles for work, so he decided to accompany her, and the pair embarked on a pedal-powered journey from San Francisco to Reno to retrieve the show bike from storage. For the ride, he bought a beat-up old Peugeot that he could ditch at the end of his ride, did some minor repairs to get it rolling, and away they went. The 30-minute video below documents his ride.

Here’s what Bombtrack had to say on the subject of Sofiane’s return to the team: “As we’ve always shared vibes, there was zero hesitation when Sofiane approached us to resume our collaboration. It might sound cheesy, but we call ourselves a ‘family’ for a reason. We are super excited when a member returns to the fam.

  • Sofiane Sehili
  • Sofiane Sehili

Sofiane is quite possibly the world’s best off-road long-distance rider at the moment. But we’re not here to make his case: these results speak for themselves. Still, winning races is one thing – matching a brand’s ethos and being a perfect fit to the squad is another. The reason why we are so happy about Sofiane being part of Bombtrack again has much more to do with his personality and our common vibes, rather than any past or future results. Even though we know Sofiane’s thirst for wins remains consistently high.”

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