While wandering around the MADE Bike Show this morning, Miles spotted a special Moots Routt CRD set up with prototype 750d wheels and tires from WTB. Find photos, learn what we know, and weigh in on whether or not we need another gravel wheel size here…

Spotted at the MADE Bike Show in Portland, Moots and WTB have a custom Routt CRD built up with prototype 750d wheels and 750 x 40mm Nano Raptor tires on display. The new 750d wheels have a slightly larger diameter than the current standard 700c/29er wheels, and their purported selling point is providing a familiar feeling (as opposed to going all the way to something like a 36er, for example) with a slightly larger contact patch and better rollover. Plus, for extra-tall riders, they have the added bonus of offering a more proportional appearance.

750d wheels
  • 750d wheels
750d wheels

The actual difference in rim diameter is a little less than 40mm; a 700c rim measures 622mm in diameter, and the prototype 750d rims measure 660mm, which means a narrower gravel tire on the larger rim would feel a bit closer to a typical 29er mountain bike tire. At this point, we’re not convinced that the market needs another in-between wheel size, and it doesn’t seem as if there’s enough momentum behind 750d for it to go into production any time soon, but that could change.

750d wheels

Further details are scant for now, but we’re curious to get your thoughts on the prospect of another wheel size alongside the current offerings. Do you see a case for running them for bikepacking and gravel riding? Let us know in the conversation below!

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