The new Zpacks Altaplex Tarp is a minimalist shelter that packs down small, accommodates tall users, has dual storm doors, and weighs just 216 grams. Check it out here…

The new Zpacks Altaplex Tarp is a more svelte version of their Altaplex Tent, shedding the built-in bathtub floor and bug protection for a minimalist shelter that weighs half as much of its fully featured sibling. The Altaplex Tarp sets up with a single pole and at least six stakes around the perimeter of the shelter. There are two doors that overlap and hook together when closed.

Zpacks Altaplex Tarp
  • Zpacks Altaplex Tarp
  • Zpacks Altaplex Tarp

For an additional $109, Zpacks offers an optional bathtub ground sheet that clips inside to each corner, or the ultra-minimalists amongst us might just grab a piece of Tyvek for a super light setup. There are linloc adjusters sewn into all corners, and a 2mm bright yellow cord is pre-cut and attached right from Zpacks. The Zpacks Altaplex Tarp is made from a lightweight, waterproof Dyneema Composite fabric, has taped seams, and is offered in six different colors.

  • Zpacks Altaplex Tarp
  • Zpacks Altaplex Tarp
  • Zpacks Altaplex Tarp
  • Material: 0.55oz / 0.75oz Dyneema Composite
  • Weight: 216 grams (0.55oz fabric)
  • Place of Manufacture: USA
  • Price: $399 – 449 USD
  • Peak Height: 56-58″” (147 cm)
  • Length: 107″ (271.75 cm)
  • Width Including Vestibules: 69″ (175 cm)
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

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