The new Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent claims to be the lightest fully enclosed two-person tent in the world, weighing just over 400 grams without sacrificing rain and bug protection. Check it out here…

Just released, the Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent is designed for folks who want to cut the weight of their pack or bags to the absolute minimum. According to Zpacks, the Duplex Lite Tent is “hands down the lightest fully enclosed two-person tent in the world.” It takes the shape of the Duplex Tent Logan reviewed here but slims down the footprint with a 40×90″ (102x228cm) floor, with enough room for one person and their gear or two standard-width sleeping pads side by side.

Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent
  • Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent
  • Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent

The Duplex Lite is made with a .55 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric canopy and a .75 oz/sqyd DCF floor material. The tent comes with bright yellow 1.3 mm Z-Line guy-lines that save additional weight compared to their standard 2mm lines. However, unlike the Duplex Classic and Duplex Zip, the Duplex Lite isn’t compatible with the Zpacks Duplex Flex Kit to make the tent semi-freestanding.

The Duplex Lite requires two trekking poles or two fixed-length poles to set up. Zpacks also offers optional straight tent poles as an add-on for those who don’t have compatible poles. A minimum of six stakes are required for setup, but eight are recommended for a taught pitch in windy conditions. Stakes aren’t included, but Zpacks has a variety to choose from on their website. To save on weight, the Duplex Lite doesn’t have canopy door zippers or internal pockets, and they say a groundsheet isn’t required because of how durable and repairable DCF is.

  • Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent
  • Zpacks Duplex Lite Tent

Like all of Zpacks’ tents, the Duplex Lite comes with a two-year limited warranty and is made in the USA. The Zpacks Duplex Lite costs $669 USD (no poles or stakes) and weighs in at just 423 grams (14.9 oz). It comes in blue, olive drab, and white.

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