Bikepacking with a Full-Suspension Bike (video)

In our latest video guide, we run through the pros and cons of bikepacking with a full-suspension bike, tips and tricks for dialing in your ride, and a list of bikepacking-friendly full-suspension bikes…

In our latest in-depth YouTube video, Neil talks about his experience bikepacking on a full-suspension bike. He walks through examples of when he uses one, the upsides, downsides, and offers some tips to help improve your full-suspension bike trips. He also shares thoughts on a few bikepacking-friendly full-suspension bikes that are currently on the market.

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Video Outline

When To Use A Full Suspension Bike: 1:18
Characteristics (Upside) Of A Full-Suspension Bike: 2:04
Downsides Of Using A Full-Suspension Bike: 4:03
Full-Suspension Bikepacking Tips and Tricks: 6:32
Full-Suspension Bike Options: 10:26

Bikepacking-friendly Full-Suspension Bikes

There are a lot of great options out there. But here are a few bikepacking-friendlly full-suspension bikes that we’ve tried or that we have are eye on.



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