11 Training Tips For Your Next Bikepacking Ride Or Race (video)

Interested in starting a training regimen for an upcoming bikepacking ride or ultra-endurance race? In our latest video, Colorado Trail Race and HT550 record holder Neil Beltchenko shares 11 training tips for bikepacking. Watch them here and find a few links to other training resources on this site…

Perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape for an upcoming bikepacking ride. Or maybe you’re making plans to try your first ultra-endurance race. In our latest video, Neil shares some training tips and techniques that have worked for him in the past for improving performance on big rides and races, as well as bettering skills for backyard adventures. From on- and off-bike workouts to training routines and diet, here are a few things that might help get you moving toward your 2021 cycling goal

  • Training Tips for Bikepacking
  • Training Tips for Bikepacking
YouTube host Neil Beltchenko currently holds records for the 540-mile Colorado Trail Race (2016, 3d:19h:50m) and the Highland Trail 550 (2017, 3d:10h:22m), and also has the “fastest Tour Divide rookie run” on his resumé (2015, 14d:12h:22m).
Training Tips for Bikepacking

For other training resources on this site, check out Colt Fetters’ guide to Planning Your First Ultra Race. Also, for some information on an indoor trainer, Justin McKinley recently wrote an insightful review on the Wahoo Kickr. You can also check out Josh Kato’s reflection on training for the 2015 Tour Divide, Tour Divide Training: Douglas-Fir, Pie & Whitesnake. Lastly, watch Jim Vreeland’s video about training and riding the Fat Pursuit.



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