Basajaun 2022 (Video)

This summer, more than 200 riders showed up for the inaugural Basajaun event, a self-supported gravel race on the edge of Basque Country in the north of Spain. Watch the official event recap video here…

Last month, the inaugural edition of Basajaun (an event by Transibérica) took part in the Basque Country of Spain, where more than 200 riders enjoyed and suffered through the challenging 795-kilometer route. The track packed in 15,000 meters of climbing and a wide range of terrain, from lush beech and oak forests to vast desert areas with temperatures as high as 40°C. Only 108 riders finished the route.

“Basajaun, the lord of the forest, is a mythological being, protector of the forest and of those who make good use of it—including the cyclists who cross his terrain. It protects them from inclement weather and lights up their way when in need. But let’s not forget that his territories are increasingly diminished. Climate change, fires, and desertification are destroying his forests.” —Carlos Mazón, Transibérica Race Director

  • Basajaun 2022 Video
  • Basajaun 2022 Video
  • Basajaun 2022 Video
Basajaun 2022 Video

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