Beer Before Noon is OK on IPA Day!

You know it’s going to be a good day when one of the first things you read in the morning is that it’s International IPA Day. A pretty good excuse to crack one before noon, if I do say so myself…

Spending the mid-morning in the garage tuning up my Ibis for a weekend bikepacking overnight and working on some hop-can stoves (stay tuned for more on that next week), I decided to jump the gun on this fine holiday. And popping open this Starr Hill Winter Shade of Pale White IPA was the perfect way to celebrate. Here is a quick review by the classic A.S.T.M.O. standards:

A: Poured translucent gold with a finger of white, creamy head.
S: Smelled slightly floral with a hint of citrus and wheat.
T: The initial taste was a bitter citrus, grapefruit peel zest with a hint of wit, followed by a nice citrus hop array.
M: Fairly light and dry with a slight creaminess.
O: Damn good white IPA. I am not a big wheat beer/Wit, but this was definitely an IPA in essence. Very well crafted beer!

P.S. Starr Hill is out of Charlottesville , VA. The started in the mid-nineties and have a nice slogan: The Gift of Great Beer! Hoppy IPA Day!

Star Hill Brewery - Post-ride Beer



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