6 Days Bikepacking Across Denmark With Our Dog (video)

Follow along in Mikkel Soya Bølstad’s latest video as he and his partner cycle coast to coast on a bikepacking journey across Denmark in search of Denmark’s wild side with their Jack Russell terrier, Banjo…

Words by Mikkel Soya Bølstad from YouTube entry

Now, you might wonder, why leave the forests and mountains of Norway behind to ride bikes in Denmark? A whopping sixty percent of Denmark is made up of farmland. Only a minuscule 13 percent of Denmark is covered by forest. In other words: You don’t travel to Denmark to experience vast wilderness.

But there is something else about the Denmark. A different sort of wild. Consisting of Jutland and a whole bunch of islands, Denmark have a remarkably high coastline to mainland ratio. In other words: Denmark is a coastal land. Denmarks wild side is the coast.

  • Bikepacking Across Denmark with a dog
  • Bikepacking Across Denmark with a dog

The question, though, is where do you camp close to the coast in Denmark? Camping on the beach with a tent isn’t allowed. The solution? The few small designated areas where camping is allowed, often with wooden lean-to’s big enough to swallow a small tent. It might not be epic wilderness, but it sure has a charm of its own.

Bikepacking Across Denmark with a dog

Filmed with Fujifilm XT3 and the Fujifilm XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ. Edited in Lumafusion.

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