Bikepacking Touring vs Racing (video)

In our latest video, Neil Beltchenko discusses the similarities and differences between bikepacking touring and racing to try and help skeptics understand that there’s no wrong way to go bikepacking…

Over the last couple of months, racing has been a big part of the bikepacking world. And you’ve probably noticed more concentrated coverage on the site tracking several races. Some folks are into it, and others aren’t. And that’s fine. We love the variety of styles in bikepacking, which of part of what keeps it interesting and compelling for us. However, the perceived differences in these two styles of bikepacking have resulted in comments on the website and our YouTube channel, such as how racing actually differs from touring, or the most common, “don’t you just miss everything when you go so fast?” Believe it or not, there are more similarities than differences between the two styles of bike travel. In this video, Neil draws out the main differences to try and help skeptics understand that there’s no wrong way to go bikepacking. Watch it below:

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“While those two experiences may seem different, they both create a reward that’s just unforgettable, something I can’t get anywhere else but on my bike.”

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