Cycling to Argentina EP9: Bikepacking Oregon (Video)

Greg McCahon and Ana Victoria Cedillo are back with the ninth installment of their “Cycling to Argentina” video series. This time around, they’re in Oregon, where they carefully pieced together a route that avoided pavement and snow, sending them onto some rough backcountry roads and trails. Watch it and catch up on past episodes here…

Words, photos, and video by Greg McCahon (@gregmccahon)

After our rainy stretch along the Pacific Coast, we were craving a little more adventure than the highway shoulder could offer us, so with a lucky weather window offering a break in the rain (and snow further inland), we hatched a plan to escape over the Oregon Coastal Mountains and towards the expansive desert valleys of Nevada.

  • Cycling to Argentina
  • Cycling to Argentina

With a snow map, we put together a route of old forest service roads that would hopefully avoid the worst of the snow, with the tradeoff of some of them being pretty old, disused, and overgrown. It was a tough slog at times, but it was just the adventure we needed after being stuck on the pavement for so long! You can watch our 15-minute video below.

  • Cycling to Argentina
  • Cycling to Argentina
Cycling to Argentina

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