Cyclists Documenting a Movement for Racial Justice

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Many in the cycling community have been out in the streets documenting the widespread demonstrations in support of racial justice across the United States, and we put together this collection of images from some of our favorite photographers. See them all here…

As massive demonstrations in support of racial justice continue in cities all across the United States—on a scale that hasn’t been seen in decades—many of the cyclists in our network are out documenting these historic times first hand. Rather than fully resuming bikepacking content this morning, we want to share the perspectives of some of our favorite photographers from the cycling community with you in this small collection of Instagram photos.

These images depict marches, rallies, memorials, and people coming together on both coasts and around the Midwest. We’d like to acknowledge and thank all of the photographers highlighted below for their efforts in documenting this movement. In most cases, the photos presented below are just a small portion of the work each photographer has been creating over the past couple of weeks, and we invite you to dig deeper into their work and follow them to keep up with their ongoing coverage of demonstrations and other projects.

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Ben Hovland

@benjovland | Minneapolis, MN

Ben Hovland is a Korean-American photographer, longtime bike tourer, and track cyclist. He grew up on Lake Street in Minneapolis and has been documenting the demonstrations and other happenings in his neighborhood since shortly after George Floyd’s death.

Christopher Dilts

@chrisdilts | Chicago, IL

Based out of Chicago, Chris Dilts is a documentary photographer and freelance photojournalist. His work focuses on political and social movements and how our politics reshape communities and social landscapes. In 2012, he served as Senior Photographer for Obama for America, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, and then as the official photographer for the 2013 inauguration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Caroline Yang

@carolineyangphoto | Minneapolis, MN

Caroline Yang is a documentary photographer based in Minnesota. She aims to create photographs that reflect the depth and complexities of the human experience, bring understanding and connection to our communities, and help facilitate engagement and unity.

Jordan Vonderhaar

@jordan_vondy | Austin, TX

Jordan Vonderhaar is a photographer and semi-professional escape artist based in Austin, TX. He worked the regular 9-5 for a big, mythical-creature-monikered cooler company before seeking a more challenging life brewing coffee and taking photographs. Check out his Big Bend National Park River Ramble route guide here.

Aaron Nesheim

@aaronnesheim | Minneapolis, MN

Aaron Nesheim is a freelance photojournalist based in Minneapolis, MN. Educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, his primary focus is on documenting social justice issues.

Donalrey Nieva

@donalrey | New York, New York

Donalrey Nieva is a photographer based in New York City. He also rides with The 5th Floor. Donalrey’s work has appeared all over cycling media, including in the third issue of our printed publication, The Bikepacking Journal.

Matthew Christopher Miller

@matthewchristophermiller | Venice, CA

Matthew Christopher Miller is a photographer based in Venice, California, who has worked with brands including Specialized, Rapha, and Vice.

Paris Gore

@parisgore | Bellingham, WA

Paris Gore has dedicated himself to documenting mountain bike action and culture for the past 10 years. Taking his talents learned in the bike world, Paris has now translated his vision into the broader industry of sports, automotive campaigns and more. Based in Bellingham, Washington, Paris graduated from the world-class Commercial Photography Program at Seattle Central and has pursued his passion of photographing life behind bars and the world beyond.

Ben Tobin

@cave_mfg | Spokane, WA

Ben Tobin is a professional photographer based out of Spokane, Washington. Ben has worked with brands such as Atomlab and Cateye, and media including National Geographic and Bicycling Magazine.

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get them added to this list.