Chronic Wetness: Fatbiking Alaska’s Gulf Coast

You won’t find any dropbars, skinny tires, or cut-off jorts (jean-shorts, to the uninitiated) in this video. These are two real deal bikepackers exploring some of the raddest and most tumultuous terrain on earth.

Way back when Surly’s Endomorphs were the coolest thing ever, Dylan Kentch and Eric Parsons – founder and ringleader of Revelate Designs – set out on a pioneering fat bike-packrafting trip along the remote Gulf Coast of Alaska. This was a big deal at the time and as Eric says, “… shaped many things to come.” Fast forward eight years… Eric has wrangled footage shot at the time and compiled it into the classic cut below. As he states, there’s “No cinematic greatness here – just some quality, honest, adventure shit.” … complete with some good music, I might add. Watch the video below or see the original post at

Photos and video by Eric Parsons

I’m gonna float in the middle of that shit? Oh my god, I don’t think so. Crazy. It’s an ocean, with a current, and a glacier… are you kidding me?”

Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast
  • Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast
  • Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast
Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast

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