Inca Roads (video)

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Our friends Mark Watson and Hana Black just finished this video about their challenging side trip in Peru. The two cycled a series of roads originally traveled by foot to access the great, iconic citadels of the Incan empire…

Two-time Bikepacking Journal contributors Mark Watson and Hana Black spent six weeks between late February and early April exploring roads from the Andean heights of Cusco and the Cordillera Vilcabamba to the sweltering lowlands of the Amazon. This route was based largely on the famous and tragic story of the Inca retreat from the Spanish after the fall of Cusco in 1533. For some of the time they even followed the remnants of roads and trails that once linked the iconic citadels of the Inca Empire. Inca Roads a 20 minute film made from this very challenging side trip.

  • Inca Roads Video
  • Inca Roads Video
  • Inca Roads Video
  • Inca Roads Video
  • Inca Roads Video

Be sure to check out The Bikepacking Journal Issue 01 and 02 for two excellent stories from Mark and Hana. Also, find the bikepacking routes they’ve contributed here.



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