The Loam and Gravel Society Episode 2 (Video)

In the second episode of Old Man Mountain’s Loam and Gravel Society video series, host Evan Christenson meets up with Steve “Doom” Fassbinder of Four Corners Guides and Jon Yazzie of Dzil Ta’ah Adventures for his first-ever bikerafting trip. Watch the video and see some behind-the-scenes photos here…

For Skullbinder and Horny Toads, the second installment of the inaugural Loam and Gravel Society’s video series, Evan Christenson heads toward Durango, Colorado, to try his hand at bikerafting. He’s joined by two seasoned bikerafters, Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, a bikerafting guide and contributor to The Bikepacking Journal, as well as Jon Yazzie, co-owner of Dzil Ta’ah Adventures, who runs a guiding service on his ancestral Navajo lands. The trio of riders pedal their way along the trails around Skullbinder Ranch, enjoy a night under the stars together, and eventually hop into the boats for some time on the water. Watch the 18-minute video from their trip below, followed by a handful of images from the trip:

  • Loam and Gravel Society, horny toad
  • Loam and Gravel Society, bikerafting
  • Loam and Gravel Society, Skullbinder Ranch
Evan Christenson, Loam and Gravel Society
  • Jon Yazzie, Loam and Gravel Society
  • Loam and Gravel Society

You can learn more about Evan and the Loam and Gravel Society over at

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